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A few recommended books on housing, architecture, and place.  We have avoided how-to books and chosen insightful writings about ideas. We have an extensive library of design and construction books we like to lend clients based on the type of project. This list though is just food for thought.



How Buildings Learn, Stewart Brand

One of the more interesting books about vernacular building by the great compiler and generalist behind the whole earth catalog. Some very interesting case studies.

House Thinking: A Room-by-Room Look at How We Live, Winifred Gallagher

A pioneering work about the psychology of the interiors of a home.

Anecdotal and thoroughly researched.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Martin House: Architecture as Portraiture, Jack Quinan

One of the most interesting dialogues between builder and client around. Darwin Martin was one of FLW's fans and patrons for decades, being the man who commissioned the Larkin Building. This book chronicles the masterpiece currently being restored in Buffalo, New York.

Toronto: No Mean City, Eric Arthur

His work and enthusiasm did more for the build landscape in Toronto in the last fifty years than anyone else. Without him we could have had a city hall that only had the clocktower remaining from old city hall tethered to an ugly box, instead we have the cradling hands of Revell’s civic piece.

The Architecture of Happiness, Alain de Botton

Interesting work that contemplates modern and contemporary dwellings with the quest to find parameters for the ideal house. Inspired a BBC television series called ‘The Perfect House’

In the Skin of a Lion, Michael Ondaatje

The city and some of it's buildings take on the role as character in his historical romp through an era of great public works projects in Toronto. His photographic detail and sense of humour & the absurd really illuminate the work.

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