About Emerald City Design

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Emerald City Design is headed by Christopher and Michael Gustafsson, two brothers who come from a lineage of renovators and property specialists.  Chris and Mike have been building, renovating, and consulting for the past 15 years in the GTA and surrounding areas, locations across southern Ontario, and the United States.  Because we are backed by years of experience, we have a long list of contacts through family, friends, and colleagues - including architects, designers, engineers, city planners, industrial designers, plumbers, electricians, arbourists, accountants, realtors and other home-savvy professionals that all help inform our work.  We keep ourselves up to date with industry standards, practices, and innovations, as well as emerging trends in detailing, aesthetics and building science.

Emerald City Design  I  Toronto  I  416 686 3438  I  www.emeraldcitydesign.ca  I  info@emeraldcitydesign.ca